Working with us, you agreed to all these policies as stated on the approval message you send to us before your songs where send to stores...:

By Submitting your songs for distribution through Gospel Register, You hereby agree that all samples, musical works, vocals, and other musical related compositions used within this release are owned by the label/artist and are able to be distributed to the partners chosen. Additionally, you hereby agree that you have written permission from the original artist(s) and/or remixing artist(s) to distribute this release on the partners chosen and you give full authorization to Gospel Register to distribute the release, its artwork, songs, metadata, and any additional details pertaining to the release and agree that Gospel Register will not be held responsible for any possible legal repercussions, errors, and complaints that may arise as a result of this release. Lastly, you hereby agree that with the submission of this release, all of the above details are correct and that there are no errors pertaining to artist names, song names, genres, mastered files, encoded files, release dates, and more contained within this release and agree that not every partner will be able and/or agree to fix an issue if reported.

1) If you have any worries or questions concerning your release that you submitted with Gospel Register, you can write us through our mail address



We try our best to respond within 48 hours of working hours between Mondays to Friday 9AM to 5PM GMT+1


2) If you need other knowledge as concerns music career and marketing, you can always book an appointment on our site through this Link



We no longer consider messages send through WhatsApp as official and we no longer pick calls except on consultation after booking.


Also if you ever find it not comfortable with your songs distributed through us, you can always place a mail across and we will takedown your release from all platforms following the statement of approval you send to us before we submitted your songs. Meaning any charges is your responsibility. And when we place a takedown Request across platforms, it takes them 21 days to fully remove your songs from all platforms after approval


Also concerning any withdrawal as globally known, Gospel Register charges the taxes placed by your government during withdrawal to your local bank . So if you will need your withdrawal when it's beyond our threshold value of $50, note that the charges, $16 is your responsibility. 


God bless you


Your friends at Gospel Register...




Please we advise you submit your release 3-4 weeks ahead of the release date or latest 14 days to the release so we can fully delivered your songs to all streaming platforms we work with




You own 100% of all your earnings and you can takedown your release anytime you choose by email


You can only request any sales reports 4 months after your release goes live because stores post reports 3-4 months from Release date and it'll be posted monthly. 


Withdrawal is only done when you have earned beyond threshold value of $50 and it is deposited to your favorite account after deducting any taxes placed by your government


  1. Your friends at Gospel Register...